Countdown to the Finals

The semi-finals have come and gone, and the two emerging finalists were determined on 4th August 2018. MFC won their game against DC Eagles Kings by 2 goals, while Cullen FC continued their winning streak with a 6-2 scoreline against Clay FC. The semi-final results has essentially set the stage for a final derby match between two local and fiercely competitive rivals.

Ironically, the home ground for both teams are adjacent to each other and there is a long-standing history of competitive friendly games between both teams. However, this will be the first time both teams will be competing head-to-head for a major Championship trophy. 

As Saturday 18th August draws near, both team Managers have been working on finalizing the tactics they believe would provide the cutting edge. Will it be a cagey and tactical game? Or will it be a high-octane match with swift counter-attacking football? Will it take a moment of brilliance or will it be determined by excellent goal-keeping performances? Fans, pundits and observers alike will get to find out after the referee blows the final whistle.

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