Invincible Eagles make strong start to debut season

Invincible Eagles, the newest team to join Soccer League Network’s (SLN) Recreational Soccer League, announced their statement of intent with a convincing win against Clay FC by a 1-3 scoreline during last weekend’s games. Two goals were scored by their talisman, Browne Mbonu, while Stanley Eluma also chalked his first goal of the season as well. Clay FC on the other hand, were able to capitalize on a rare moment of defensive lapse, with a goal registered by Chukwudi Omire.

So, one may wonder – who are the Invincible Eagles? They are a team which has evolved over the past few years, with its roots originally from the now defunct Houston Pillars. At a point in time, they had integrated with another team of Muslim brothers (Hasfat Youth Soccer Team) at Eldridge Park. However, this arrangement did not work out and it resulted in some members breaking away to re-establish someplace else. Other members, which consisted of a mix of all 3 legacy teams moved to Synott Rd to restart the process of rebuilding the team. With a new leadership team in place, they have taken great strides to rediscover their identity. In early 2018, the team was formally rebranded as the Invincible Eagles.

As the team ventures into SLN’s competitive leagues, it will be a true test of their mettle and character. Are they truly invincible? Only time will tell.

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