Final Four teams contend for Title

The stage is set for the semi-finals matchup between MFC (A) and DC Eagles (A), as well as Invincible Eagles (A) and DC Eagles (B). The games are scheduled to kick-off simultaneously at 8:30am on Saturday morning and going by all the great goals and come-back wins from last weekends Group games, the semi-finals is guaranteed to be an exciting affair.

The group games produced some surprises and incredible displays of resilience from Teams and individuals who rose to the occasion. MFC continues to have a good run, without conceding any goals to date. As such, their first-choice keeper, Shakir Olakukan, is currently in the running for the top goal-keeper award. Invincible Eagles also continues to demonstrate their strength in attack with the prior season and current goal scorer, Cyrus Harmon, in the lead with 5 goals. DC Eagles Teams A and B are both deservedly in the semi-finals, with strong tactical displays and individual players who have demonstrated outstanding performances to date – particularly Emmanuel Isaac who has scored 2 excellent goals.

The winner of both groups will play the finals on the same day.

Besides the honors of being crowned champions, there are individual awards up for grabs. These will be awarded based on the following criteria:

Highest Goal Scorer Award

⚽ Goals scored during penalty shootouts at Semi-finals or finals after normal regulation time will not count

Best Goal Keeper Award

⚽ Will be determined based on least goal(s) conceded per games played ratio

⚽ Needs to play at least 3 games to be considered, including 2 games at Group stage

⚽ In-game substitutions will not count as a game played

⚽ Goals conceded during penalty shootouts at Semi-finals or finals after normal regulation time will not count

⚽ If tied, disciplinary record will be considered

Finals MVP Award

⚽ This will be determined by an independent panel of observers.

⚽ In the event there is a tie, the following criteria will be used:

  • Assists
  • Goals
  • Yellow cards
  • Red cards
  • Final tie breaker will be determined by the Tournament Organizers