Recreational Soccer League – Rebranding and logo reveal

As part of SLN’s goals to bring high quality soccer leagues and tournaments to the Nigerian and other immigrant communities, the Recreational Soccer League (RSL) has been re-purposed to encourage higher level of participation among competing teams. As part of this re-branding strategy, a new logo has been officially unveiled. The logo is a simple yet dynamic representation of what the league is all about.

According to SLN’s Management Team, “the RSL has evolved and grown over the years as a pioneer local league with a focus on high quality, innovation and community building; and we needed to re-affirm its identity as the league continues to grow.”

RSL Logo Reveal Video

SLN’s Leadership team continues to work collaboratively with local team leaders and captains to everyone can be part of something we can all celebrate and enjoy.

According to SLN “we realized the RSL was becoming super-competitive and competition for spots on the first 11 on team rosters was resulting in scenarios whereby too many players were being left on the side-lines”.

“The solution was to re-purpose the league to focus on the recreational and entertainment value for all participating players. We want players to bring their families to the field to watch their dads play, interact and connect with other families, and generally have a nice time. This can only happen if the players are guaranteed good game-time in the first place.”

This strategy will require large teams splitting their teams into 2 or 3 sub-teams, depending on their roster numbers. New players without any designated teams can also come together to form teams, and SLN can assist with that.

SLN plans to continue building on other higher-level competitive tournaments where the “best of the best” teams will compete. Some examples of such sponsored tournaments are the Houston African Soccer League and the Texas Nigeria Challenge Cup. Details on these upcoming tournaments will be released at a future date.

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