Team Spotlight – Mamba FC

Who are they? …Where did they come from?? …Mamba who???

These are some of the typical questions that came up when the 2021 RSL fixture list was announced.

So, who are they?

Mamba FC became an official team in September 2020, after a small group of players with history of playing together banded to form the team.  The team is comprised of relatively young members with an average age of 27 – 32. The team experienced a dramatic growth rate as members pulled in other friends and their numbers grew to over 40+ members within a 2-month period.

The team is headed by Ade Odimayo (Team Manager), Sunday Julius (Team Coach) and Ridwan Taiwo (Team Captain).

“We are a team of guys who love soccer, just want to play ball, have fun, and be able to express ourselves.
…Oh, one important thing I forgot to mention… We also like to win!”
– Ade Odimayo

Over the first 3 months of their existence, they had announced their intention to compete and dominate soccer tournaments in the Houston soccer community. With members feeding off the team energy and camaraderie, they are often perceived as the “noisy neighbors”. However, underneath the exuberance is their desire to express themselves on the field; To win and prove themselves that they are a force to be reckoned with.

The team was unable to sign up for the 2020 RSL Thanksgiving Tournament due to non-availability of spots, but they have been training in preparation for the 2021 RSL.

Through the period, they have played numerous friendly games with other teams. The team’s leaders continue to use these as opportunities to refine the team. As much as good performances have been lauded and encouraged, errors have also been made. Behaviors bordering on indiscipline are frowned upon and are addressed accordingly.

So what does the future hold for Mamba FC? Will they be humbled at the end of the season or come out victorious?

As the old saying goes… only time will tell.