SLN launches the VEO Camera

Soccer League Network has announced its intention to capture recorded matches and highlights of key games in its leagues and tournaments. This became official after the management team announced the camera of choice – the VEO camera.

VEO is a 180° camera with two 4K lenses recording with 30 frames per second. The camera uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to automatically detect and track the ball, recognize the position of players and automatically zooms and pans in the ball’s location.

The VEO platform is also packed with features such as highlights which can be cut, edited, and shared with players, tools for coaches and players to analyze both on and off-the-ball tactics, and a whole lot more.

SLN’s management team sees the purchase of the camera as a worthwhile investment, as it remains in line with their goal to continuously elevate the status and quality of all SLN sponsored leagues and tournaments among the local soccer-playing community. In addition, there will be opportunities for teams to rent the equipment.

According to SLN’s issued statement, “this was an initiative we always wanted to do from day 1. From the first tournament in 2017, we experimented with a hand-held camera and knew immediately we needed a more innovative solution. The VEO camera checked all the right boxes.”

As the season continues, be on standby to see some fantastic in-game action captured on video! More to come!!!