Invincible Eagles are the 2019 Season Tournament Champions

November 9th, 2019 was a day to remember for every player and fan of the Invincible Eagles Football Club, when they defeated the incumbent Champions (MFC), to earn the title of the 2019 Season RSL Champions.

The finals was indeed a football spectacle of goals, tactical plays, passion and skill from both sides. Both teams gave their all, with the first 90 minutes of play ending at 3-3. The first goal was scored by MFC when one of the attacking players was adjudged to have been fouled by dangerous play from a flailing elbow from the opposing defender. Invincibles Eagles goalkeeper (Nimi Kemuel), guessed correctly by diving to the right. However, the velocity of ball was too much to handle as the goalkeeper palmed the ball into the net.
The second goal was also another penalty but on the opposing side. The spot-kick was deftly converted by Invincible Eagles top scorer, Cyrus Harmon.
With the match even at 1-1, the teams kept up the pressure throughout the timeline, with the score ending at 2-2 during normal time, and 3-3 at the end of extra time.

The spot kicks made all the difference between the two teams, as MFC missed two opportunities while Invincible Eagles took advantage and converted the final kick of the game.

This tournament victory was a big deal to the Invincible Eagles, as the team had come a long way from being a fragmented club, to formally establishing themselves as a legitimate team to be contended with.

In addition to winning the Tournament, their standout player, Cyrus Harmon (Jersey #50) earned the golden boot award with a total haul of 11 goals.

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